What to Expect

Q: Do I have to be nude for my massage?

A: No – it is completely up to your comfort level as to how many clothes you remove. Most people leave their undergarments on, with the exception of the bra for women.

Q: Will I only be covered by a little towel, like I see so much on TV?

A: Not at all.  You are covered by a flannel sheet and blanket.  Only the section of  body that we are working on is exposed at any given time.

Q: Will my massage therapist talk to me the whole time?

A: Not in our studio … unless of course you want them to!  It is my philosophy that if you talk, I will respond and carry on a conversation, if you do not, I will follow your lead and let you just relax and sleep if you want to.

Q: Should I eat or not before coming in for a massage?

A: It is not recommended to have a massage on a full stomach but a little snack won’t hurt.

Q: What is this that I hear about drinking water after a massage and why?

A: You need to drink lots of water after a massage (they say to double your water intake).  This is so that you can flush your body of all the “bad  stuff.”  When getting a massage, more often than not, I find lots of  lactic acid pockets (i.e.:  knots, metabolic waste, toxins, etc.) I will do my best to release these.  Drink your water to flush your system.  If you DO NOT drink and flush out your system, then you might find that it is painful the next day.

Q: Can I get a massage safely while I am pregnant?

A: Yes, there are areas of the body, which we are trained in, that you want to avoid “massaging” while you are pregnant but it can be safely preformed.  I do however NEED to know you are pregnant even if you are not “disclosing” the information to others yet.